Enshrouded vs Valheim

user image 2024-02-05
By: admin
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After playing this game a week or so now, I must say I like it better than Valheim. There is just so much more to this game that Valheim missed out on. Granted there are a lot of items they need to add like naming markers but I am sure this will all be coming out.

Quests - Adding quests keeps the user interested and offers more to accomplish. It also forces the user to explore the map more.

Fast Travel - This reminds me of Breath of the Wild and so many other games. I prefer it vs putting portals everywhere.

Sailing - I love this in Valheim but do not think we will ever see it in Enshrouded Weapons - Another areas that reminds me of Breath of the Wild. I like finding chests and getting various weapons, potions etc. I think with Valheim we get sausages, seeds etc. Enshrouded adds more elemnts to want to go search for areas to raid.

Teamwork - I like that in Valheim you can really build communities but how often is that done? Most just build away from others. Enshrouded to me is really a team game with servers. I find this more appealing.

Mist vs theShroud - At least I can see in the shroud and walk around. Mistlands I hate the mist and the difficulty in climbing.

Glider - Another item from BOTW that I think is awesome. Nothing like jumping off a spire and flying around. It beats walking!


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