Enshrouded vs Valheim

By admin, 2024-02-05

After playing this game a week or so now, I must say I like it better than Valheim. There is just so much more to this game that Valheim missed out on. Granted there are a lot of items they need to add like naming markers but I am sure this will all be coming out.

Quests - Adding quests keeps the user interested and offers more to accomplish. It also forces the user to explore the map more.

Fast Travel - This reminds me of Breath of the Wild and so many other games. I prefer it vs putting portals everywhere.

Sailing - I love this in Valheim but do not think we will ever see it in Enshrouded Weapons - Another areas that reminds me of Breath of the Wild. I like finding chests and getting various weapons, potions etc. I think with Valheim we get sausages, seeds etc. Enshrouded adds more elemnts to want to go search for areas to raid.

Teamwork - I like that in Valheim you can really build communities but how often is that done? Most just build away from others. Enshrouded to me is really a team game with servers. I find this more appealing.

Mist vs theShroud - At least I can see in the shroud and walk around. Mistlands I hate the mist and the difficulty in climbing.

Glider - Another item from BOTW that I think is awesome. Nothing like jumping off a spire and flying around. It beats walking!

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By admin, 2024-01-31

We have added 3 Enshrouded Servers so far and everything appears to be going well. With early access, there are some challenges as everyone can imagine. We have definitely learned a few things along the way. 

This game has been very fun actually and the graphics are good. If you are not playing it, I would say give it a shot. 

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Purge of Valheim v3

By admin, 2023-11-30

We had a lot of requests for Elric The Naked to create a new Purge of Valheim, Well everyone, he has delivered!

Allegiant Games is proud to announce Purge of Valheim 3!

As mentioned, this will be a modded Valheim server adding content to the Deep North, Ashlands and Ocean. This version also has a few changes from the prior Purge versions.

  1. Speed running has been eliminated so this will be a slower progression.

  2. There was a lot of development time spent on creating this version with new weapons/armor biomes etc. so we really want to allow people to play the game at a normal pace.

  3. This version of Purge will be a little easier over the prior versions. We had some players that were dying far too often. We told you to gear up!

  4. Purge 2 will follow more of the Valheim style and should be comfortable for all levels. It will still be challenging but you should not spend your entire game time chasing down your body.

  5. The Purge start time is Friday 11/1/23 6PM EST.


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The Adventure Server restarts tonight!

This is a more difficult vanilla style playthrough. Mobs/Bosses have more health and do more damage. Raids are more frequent. Each biome will be a significant difficulty increase from the one before.

Per Player settings are still in effect, so you will only get raids and spawns according to the bosses YOU killed. However, item locking is turned off. Crops and plants must be grown in their Vanilla biome.

Adventure Server Info

World Reset: Every 12 weeks .

Dungeons Reset: every 3 real days.

Terrain Resets: every week.

Modpack: AG Adventure Server

Greylist Mods: AG Greylist

As always, only update mods/pack when we announce it. If you do, you will not be in sync with the server and will not be able to connect.

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Allegiant Games - Build Server

By admin, 2023-09-09

We just created a new server for the Valheim Builders out there. This server allows you to do custom builds without having to go looking for resources. All items are free!

Upon joining, you will be given a hammer, circlet and belt. You can hit the map table near spawn to open a full view of the world and if you LSHIFT+LCLICK anywhere on the map, you will teleport there!

All dungeons and resources have been removed to give you uninterrupted terrain to build as you like.

The MIST HAS BEEN CLEARED from Mistlands, allowing you to build what you've always wanted to build there.

You can still find ruins and runestones, for those of you that like to incorporate those into your builds. Just so you won't be distracted from your ultimate build of epic awesomeness, monsters are passive and raids are disabled. However, you can still die and running/jumping will use stamina. Everything is free and you have access to build pieces not available to the player in regular vanilla.

While we cannot allow flight for various reasons, we've given you full Jump and Run skills. We've also added a build camera to reach those rooftops. Just hit B with your hammer equipped. This is a builder's paradise.

Build Server Info World Reset: Only on major map breaking updates like the upcoming Ashlands update. Modpack: AG Build Server ( Also search in Thunderstore AG Build Greylist Mods: AG Greylist (

Also search in Thunderstore AG Greylist As always, only update mods/pack when we annouce it. If you do, you will not be in sync with the server and will not be able to connect.


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Hildir's Request

By admin, 2023-08-26


IronGate has release Hildir's Request! We started a new seed on 8/24 and will probably add an additional Hard Mode Server in the next week or so. Please join us on the discord channel!

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Purge of Valheim 2 - 2/17/23

By admin, 2023-02-14
Purge of Valheim 2 - 2/17/23

Allegiant Games is excited to announce the release of Purge of Valheim 2 on 2/17/23. We are looking for a 6PM EST start time. If you like playing modded Valheim, you are going to like this.

We are whitelisting now:

This is a heavily modded version that makes sense. So what does that mean?

  • We have played on many servers where they just increase the strength of the mobs but no other real changes.
    • There is no increase to weapons, armor, food, potions etc. so nothing scales as the areas get more difficult to play.

Purge of Valheim is a modded balanced play through.

  • Difficulty
    • yes this is more difficult to play than normal valheim, Check your tears at the door before you come in.

    • yes it is going to frustrate some users.

    • drops are scaled based on enemy levels so you are rewarded for your achievements

    • as you go through the biomes, you will get better "items" that will help you along the way.

  • Weapons & Armor
    • each biome will have different ore to make better weapons and armor

    • there may even be some new food items along the way

  • Food & Potions
    • It just makes sense that as biomes get more difficult, food and potions scale to match. This is accounted for on Purge.

  • Bosses
    • There will be some traditional bosses plus some new ones along the way.

  • Magic
    • Magic is prevalent throughout. New magic weapons earlier, scrolls and diverse playing styles. Okay as tank, support or dps based on equipment load out.

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Coming Soon To Allegiant Games - The Purge of Valheim - Season 2

Elric has been coding nonstop and we are close for Season 2 of Purge of Valheim. 

Stay tuned for updates!!

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