Welcome to Allegiant Games

By admin, 2022-09-20
Welcome to Allegiant Games

Thank you for visiting Allegiant Games! So you may be asking yourself, what is this place? Who are we?

Why did we use the name Allegiant? The definition of Allegiant is loyal and faithful. This seemed perfect to us because our gaming friends are family. 

This is a free site that is a home for gamers where you can create and customize your own gaming page and be around like minded people.  You can post images, videos and blogs on your page and share with the site or whomever you like. Your page is your page. The majority of players on here are playing Valheim, Raft and World of Warcraft to name a few.

Currently we are running customized Valheim Servers and if you join our discord channel, we can let you in. There are no fees on our server at this time and with luck, we can keep it that way.

There is a list of approved mods in the discord channel. Please only use these mods. We are planning on adding some additional servers that will be based on Survival, Modded etc. We will reset the server once a quarter most likely. We will probably also keep one server around for people who just like to build. 

Yes this site is new. Are we new to websites and gaming? No. Our main website has been around for 15+ years with over 10k members. I say this because we are in this for the long haul.  Too many people start and stop within the same month. Not us. 

This website is a work in progress so there will be changes along the way with additional features added. 

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have on here or in discord. 

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Enshrouded vs Valheim

By admin, 2024-02-05

After playing this game a week or so now, I must say I like it better than Valheim. There is just so much more to this game that Valheim missed out on. Granted there are a lot of items they need to add like naming markers but I am sure this will all be coming out.

Quests - Adding quests keeps the user interested and offers more to accomplish. It also forces the user to explore the map more.

Fast Travel - This reminds me of Breath of the Wild and so many other games. I prefer it vs putting portals everywhere.

Sailing - I love this in Valheim but do not think we will ever see it in Enshrouded Weapons - Another areas that reminds me of Breath of the Wild. I like finding chests and getting various weapons, potions etc. I think with Valheim we get sausages, seeds etc. Enshrouded adds more elemnts to want to go search for areas to raid.

Teamwork - I like that in Valheim you can really build communities but how often is that done? Most just build away from others. Enshrouded to me is really a team game with servers. I find this more appealing.

Mist vs theShroud - At least I can see in the shroud and walk around. Mistlands I hate the mist and the difficulty in climbing.

Glider - Another item from BOTW that I think is awesome. Nothing like jumping off a spire and flying around. It beats walking!

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