Purge of Valheim 2 - 2/17/23

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Purge of Valheim 2 - 2/17/23

Allegiant Games is excited to announce the release of Purge of Valheim 2 on 2/17/23. We are looking for a 6PM EST start time. If you like playing modded Valheim, you are going to like this.

We are whitelisting now:

This is a heavily modded version that makes sense. So what does that mean?

  • We have played on many servers where they just increase the strength of the mobs but no other real changes.
    • There is no increase to weapons, armor, food, potions etc. so nothing scales as the areas get more difficult to play.

Purge of Valheim is a modded balanced play through.

  • Difficulty
    • yes this is more difficult to play than normal valheim, Check your tears at the door before you come in.

    • yes it is going to frustrate some users.

    • drops are scaled based on enemy levels so you are rewarded for your achievements

    • as you go through the biomes, you will get better "items" that will help you along the way.

  • Weapons & Armor
    • each biome will have different ore to make better weapons and armor

    • there may even be some new food items along the way

  • Food & Potions
    • It just makes sense that as biomes get more difficult, food and potions scale to match. This is accounted for on Purge.

  • Bosses
    • There will be some traditional bosses plus some new ones along the way.

  • Magic
    • Magic is prevalent throughout. New magic weapons earlier, scrolls and diverse playing styles. Okay as tank, support or dps based on equipment load out.


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