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Coolest Ship in the Fleet

user image 2022-10-18
By: Joshua Law
Posted in: Valheim Tutorial
Coolest Ship in the Fleet

How to get Custom Sails in Purge of Valheim

Do you want a cool looking ship like mine !!  Just follow a few simple steps!


Step 1:

Find an image online and copy its URL. If you have an image you would like to use that's not online, just register for an account here at the Allegiant Gaming site and upload a pic to your gallery. You can then find the URL to that pic and use it. 



Step 2: 

In Thunderstore, click on Config Editor

Screenshot 20221017 212328.png

Then scroll through the list on the right until you find GorkoCustomTextures.cfg. Click on it and click Edit Config

Screenshot 20221017 212651.png

Step 3:

Paste your image URL in the FavoriteImageURL input box at the top. It should look like this when you are done. Click SAVE

Screenshot 20221017 213128.png

AND THAT'S IT!!  Load the pack and watch the stares of jealousy from the other, lesser, Vikings as you sail around in the coolest ship on the seas!!


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